I’m Obsessed with This Noisy Body Product

philosophy body mousse.jpg

Confession: I’m terrible at remembering to put on body lotion. It isn’t until I’m inconveniently out and about that I remember I should have slathered it on to keep my bumpy dry skin at bay. You’d think that discomfort would be enough of a reminder, especially for a beauty editor with approximately 40 moisturizers, but you’d be wrong. There’s only one product that reminds me to do this necessary step every day– Philosophy Body Mousse. I actually get excited to put on this entertaining and deliciously delightful mousse.

How could a body product possibly be entertaining? Well it’s foaming technology tingles and crackles loudly as you spray and rub it into the skin. It has to be one of the most active products I’ve ever applied. Anyone who’s tried it comments on how fun and surprising it is. It doesn’t have the rich creaminess of a lotion, so it is a bit futile for really dry skin. However, it does soften and even out skin tone, making it ideal for people the deal with redness. It’s not all about what it can do for your skin either. The mousse acts partly as perfume thanks to its heavenly scents of Philosophy’s popular Amazing Grace and Pure Grace.

As spring approaches, this fresh, crisp body mousse is the perfect alternative for your adjusting skin.