5 Sun, Sand and Sea Travel-Friendly Beauty Products Getting Me Through This Summer

Summer is unofficially here, which means people are hopping on all kinds of trains, planes and automobiles to enjoy the beautiful beaches this world has to offer. As relaxing as a beach vacation can be, it can easily turn stressful after one good burn or dry, broken hair. That's why I have a set of favorite products that fit easily into my carry on beauty bag and save my poor bleached hair and fair skin from the harsh damages of the sun, sand and sea. 

Check out my five favorites that were all most recently tested and approved on the beaches of Colombia. Mick even tried them all and loved one so much he used up the entire bottle. 

Rene Furterer Solaire Protective Summer Oil, $26


As a fine-haired girl who's gone through a lot of shades blonde, I've put my poor hair through the ringer. It takes a lot of time and money to get it to the shade I like (shoutout to my colorist, Jan!) so I can't allow the sun turn it one bit. Not only can prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB rays change the blonde coloring, but it can make my bleached, processed hair even more brittle and broken. That's why I turn to this oil to help hydrate my strands while also providing a shield of protection against the damaging rays of sunshine. To top it all off, the skinny bottle squeezes perfectly on to the top of my bag before zipping it up. 


Virtue Recovery Shampoo & Conditioner, $15 each


Along with the heat and sun, salt water is also going to dry out your hair.  So no matter how much you protect and hydrate during the day, you still need to incorporate a healthy wash and condition into your travel beauty routine. I love this little travel-sized shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo pulls away the nasty daily build up like sand, sweat and product, while also building stronger strands thanks to its keratin ingredient. As for the conditioner, it's so softening that I fell in love after the first use. 


La Roche-Posay Anthelios Cooling Water Lotion SPF 60 Sunscreen, $36

la roche posay spf.jpeg

This brand is my favorite sunscreen brand and this sunscreen is my favorite from the brand. They consistently score perfectly on the annual consumer report of top sunscreens, so it's not just me either. This super light weight sunscreen melts into the skin flawlessly so it doesn't feel like you're wearing a thick, sticky layer, even when you sweat. This case can be made for most of La Roche's formulas, this one delivers a cooling effect that feels incredibly refreshing, making reapplications something to look forward to instead of a drag. It's not exactly smaller or more convenient for travel, but you sunscreen is not something you want to skimp on.


Avène Mineral Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion 50+, $28


I break out too easily to trust using any body sunscreens on my face, so I always have and always will use a separate one. I have my everyday favorites for my daily city life (Tatcha Skin Perfecting Sunscreen and Dr. Jart + Every Sun Day) but this one from Avène really protected me from the extra strong Caribbean sun. At the same time, it gave me a smooth and flawless complexion that make makeup irrelevant for the entire trip. Thanks to this, my skin had sun-kissed glow (read: not burnt or greasy) that made me feel like a beach goddess. And honestly, isn't that what we all want on vacation? 


Plant Apothecary Re: Fresh Organic Toning & Hydrating Mist, $10


Last but absolutely not least is this toning and hydrating mist that is now empty and gone. I originally brought it so I could spritz and refresh after my plane ride to look dewy and awake when I saw Mick for the first time in six weeks. However, once Mick got a hold of it and learned there was aloe in it, he sprayed it on every burn he saw. To be fair, it did keep his freckly Irish skin from peeling after a very harsh day where one of our expired sunscreens did not worked. Not only was this small spray great for burns, but it also delivers a burst of a refreshing cool-down during even the most humid of days. Along with the face sunscreen, this must-have favorite made my complexion healthy and happy. 

I’m Obsessed with This Noisy Body Product

philosophy body mousse.jpg

Confession: I’m terrible at remembering to put on body lotion. It isn’t until I’m inconveniently out and about that I remember I should have slathered it on to keep my bumpy dry skin at bay. You’d think that discomfort would be enough of a reminder, especially for a beauty editor with approximately 40 moisturizers, but you’d be wrong. There’s only one product that reminds me to do this necessary step every day– Philosophy Body Mousse. I actually get excited to put on this entertaining and deliciously delightful mousse.

How could a body product possibly be entertaining? Well it’s foaming technology tingles and crackles loudly as you spray and rub it into the skin. It has to be one of the most active products I’ve ever applied. Anyone who’s tried it comments on how fun and surprising it is. It doesn’t have the rich creaminess of a lotion, so it is a bit futile for really dry skin. However, it does soften and even out skin tone, making it ideal for people the deal with redness. It’s not all about what it can do for your skin either. The mousse acts partly as perfume thanks to its heavenly scents of Philosophy’s popular Amazing Grace and Pure Grace.

As spring approaches, this fresh, crisp body mousse is the perfect alternative for your adjusting skin.